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Theatre and Cinema are transformative; however, they are not complete without the visual components of Costume Design, Scenic Design, and Lighting Design.  Students work one-on-one with Faculty to develop their visual aesthetic through our various design and technical courses. Students can also design for the University in their junior and senior year.

Costume Designer for Film, Theatre, Television

Fashion Designer

Scenic Designer for Theatre

Production Designer for Film and Television


Lighting Designer

Architectural Lighting Design

Exhibition Designer

BA in Theatre Arts with Emphasis in Design

Through a collaborative environment, our program guides and teaches students the techniques and skills necessary to visually articulate a theatrical play or a cinematic work of art.  

In addition to required Theatre Arts core curriculum, students must complete the following:

Curriculum for Emphasis in Design
THEATR 2810 History Of World Theatre And Drama Through The Restoration 3
THEATR 2820 History Of World Theatre & Drama From 18Th C To Contemporary Time 3
THEATR 2300 Stage Management 3
THEATR 4900 Senior Project 3
Select one of the following: 3
THEATR 2252 Costume Design I
THEATR 3260 Digital Scenography
THEATR 3261 Digital Lighting Design
Select six of the following: 18
THEATR 2250 Scenic Fabrication
THEATR 2260 Introduction To Theatrical Costume Production
THEATR 2290 2D and 3D CAD for Live Performance
THEATR 2800 History of Costumes
THEATR 3250 Costume Crafts
THEATR 3252 Costume Design II
THEATR 3257 Makeup For Theatrical Productions
THEATR 3263 Techniques in Scenic Finishes
ST ART 1140 Drawing I
ST ART 1142 Figure Drawing I
ST ART 1180 Painting I
Practicum 1 16
THEATR 2196 Practicum In Scenery/Lighting/Sound In Theatre Production
THEATR 2197 Practicum In Costume
THEATR 3196 Adv Theatre Practicum: Scenery/Lighting/Sound In Theatre Produc
THEATR 3197 Advanced Practicum In Costume
Total Hours 49
1 At least 8 hours must be at the 3000-level.