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Actors and Directors weave a world through movement, staging, and language. Essentially, they are storytellers who work collaboratively with Designers, Technicians, and Writers to breathe life into theatre and/or cinema.

Actor (Film, Television, and Theatre)


Announcer for Film, Television, and Radio

Dialect Coach




BA in Theatre Arts with Emphasis in Acting/Directing

Our program blends both theatre and cinema in training actors and directors.
In addition to the required Theatre Arts core curriculum, students must complete the following:

Emphasis in Acting/Directing Curriculum
THEATR 1600 Voice Ad Diction/Vocal Performance 3
THEATR 2300 Stage Management 3
THEATR 2810 History Of World Theatre And Drama Through The Restoration 3
THEATR 2820 History Of World Theatre & Drama From 18Th C To Contemporary Time 3
THEATR 3257 Makeup For Theatrical Productions 3
THEATR 3399 Stage Combat 3
THEATR 4900 Senior Project 3
Select one of the following: 3
THEATR 2244 Introduction to Directing
THEATR 2210 Ensemble Acting
Select four of the following: 12
THEATR 2020 Acting for the Camera
THEATR 2112 Scene Study
THEATR 3210 Ensemble Acting
THEATR 3211 Period Styles of Acting
THEATR 3218 Shakespeare and Verse Acting
THEATR 4020 Directing for the Camera
THEATR 4220 Directing For The Theatre
ENGL 4370 Shakespeare: Tragedies And Romances
ENGL 4380 Shakespeare: Comedies And Histories
Practicum 1 16
THEATR 2195 Practicum In Performance Studies
THEATR 3195 Advanced Practicum In Performance Studies
Total Hours 51
1At least 8 hours must be at the 3000-level.