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Emphasis in Playwriting/Screenwriting

The blue-print and foundation for any film production or theatrical work is the script. It is from the script as the creative block and bedrock that all other areas (Acting, Directing, Design etc) seek and derive the artistic inspiration. Essentially there can be no artistic work without the initial impetus of the writer. 

Our program guides and teaches students the necessary skills and techniques for accomplishing your goals either as a playwright for the Theatre or a Screenwriter for Television, Video, and Cinema.


In addition to the required Theatre Arts core curriculum, students must complete the following:

THEATR 3305 Writing For Performance 3
THEATR 2214 Screenwriting 3
THEATR 3362 Storytelling 3
THEATR 3380 Feature Film Screenwriting
THEATR 4270 Feature Film Writing 3
THEATR 2112 Scene Study 3
THEATR 2244 Introduction to Directing 3
THEATR 2810 History Of World Theatre And Drama Through The Restoration 3
THEATR 2820 History Of World Theatre & Drama From 18Th C To Contemporary Time 3
THEATR 4900 Senior Project 3
Select two of the following: 6
Beginning Fiction Writing
Feature Writing
Novels into Films: The Nineteenth Century
Stage Management
Practicum 1 10
Practicum In Performance Studies
Advanced Practicum In Performance Studies
Total Hours 43

 At least 5 hours must be completed at the 3000-level.

Career Opportunities
Television writer

Radio writer

Internet production series writer

Writing Commercials for Advertising company

Pursue an MFA degree in Play or Screen writing