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Emphasis in Cinema

Cinema at its core is about imagination, creativity, and storytelling. Our culture is increasingly visual, whether you are in business, education, science, and/or the arts. Taking film courses immediately exposes students to the visual narratives that exist globally in our rapidly interconnected world.  It is also an excellent way to understand other cultures that students will be interacting with in the future.

In addition to required Theatre Arts core curriculum, students must complete the following:

THEATR 1080 Introduction to World Cinema 3
THEATR 2271 History Of American Film 3
THEATR 3070 International Cinema 3
Select two of the following: 6
Contemporary Cinema
Survey of Film Genres
African-American Cinema
Documentary Film
Senior Project
Select five of the following: 15
Entertainment Economics: The Movie Industry
Media Production I
Video Production I
Introduction To Digital Multimedia Production
Live Events Media
Audio Recording for Live Production
Acting for the Camera
Directing for the Camera
Feature Film Production
Feature Film Post Production
Practicum 1 10
Practicum In Performance Studies
Advanced Practicum In Performance Studies
Theatre Internship
Total Hours 40

 At least 5 hours must be completed at or above the 3000-level.

Career Opportunities:

Television/film/video producer

Television production coordinator

Television/film camera operator

Certificate Program
The On-line Certificate Program in Film Studies is open to all St. Louis campus undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to graduates of UM-St. Louis and other colleges and universities.

To receive a Film Studies Certificate, a student must complete the required courses (18 credit hours) with an average grade of C or better. None of the courses may be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Up to six credit hours of course work may be transferred from other institutions.

THEATR 1080 Introduction to World Cinema 3
THEATR 2271 History Of American Film 3
THEATR 2273 Survey of Film Genres 3
Select three of the following: 9
Introduction to Cinema
Contemporary Cinema
Introduction To International Cinema
International Cinema
Documentary Film
Total Hours 18